Raising consciousness and facilitating growth in people's lives for over 35 years.


If you are looking for more clarity towards your

You have come to the right place.

The stress of our busy lives can become overwhelming at the best of times. So when we are faced with greater challenges, old traumas can get touched and resurface, adding more stress to our emotions, our minds and impact our body, making it harder to cope.

If you find yourself at a cross roads, where you feel that it’s time to leave old patterns of behaviours and binding beliefs behind, and start a new chapter in your life, please contact me.

The Journey

Unraveling the knots of old pain and binding beliefs, to journey into your future with freedom and joy.


Drawing on the universal life energy to restore the natural balance of body, emotions, mind and spirit.


A joyful exploration of the world around me, you, all of us.