Unraveling the knots of old pain and binding beliefs, to journey into your future with
freedom and joy.

Living into an experiential knowing of who we are can allow us to see our life in completely new ways, to release our burdens and renew our love for life. THE JOURNEY process is an amazing method to achieve this in a gentle, safe and non-invasive way. We can go on a journey inside of ourselves, to re-connect with our deepest nature, our inner being or source. This knowing can guide us to uncover old issues and so they can finally be released and resolved naturally.

THE JOURNEY process was developed by Brandon Bays, whenshe healed herself of a basketball sized tumour in 1992.

2 As an ACCREDITED JOURNEY PRACTITIONER I have many different processes to work with, and I can tailor them exactly to suit your needs.

My Story

I discovered THE JOURNEY method when I was going through challenging times in my life. During the break-up of a 30 year long relationship, a friend introduced me to THE JOURNEY method. It gave me all the help I needed.

As I experienced substantial emotional pain and grieving,
with the added stress of having to sell our home and
moving, it also brought up old abandonment issues, like
memories of my father leaving.

Attending the Journey Intensive weekend I paired up  with a woman about my age. She also worked with the separation from her husband. When I asked her how long ago she had separated, she said: “27 years ago”. Her issues, resentments and emotional pain from this time in her life were still fully active.

It was an eye-opening moment for me and I made a
commitment to myself: that I would use this time of
change to heal myself from the inside out… instead of
dragging old resentments and unresolved pain through my

The Journey therapy gave me a stable yet flexible
blueprint to travel into my deepest Self, and to discover
the wisdom that lies buried inside all of

When we experience traumatic incidents we are often not able to deal with our emotions at the time, so we shut ourselves off to these feelings, burying them deep in our bodies and right down to the cellular level.

These memories can be stored in our body and/or mind and releasing them comes naturally as we journey through the different stages of the process. THE JOURNEY is not just a regression therapy, it also adds new dimensions of change and expansion for your path into the future.

At the heart of The Journey process we re-connect to our
True Self, our Source. This experiential knowing allows
us to view our old traumas in completely new ways and to
release them safely. We can unravel the knots of old
pain and binding beliefs, releasing them naturally and at
last stepping forward with clarity.
Then we can be fully present to
our lives and journey into our future with freedom and joy.

JOURNEY process

  • During a JOURNEY process I will be your guide as you access and clear memories relating to the issue you want to address.
  • A process can last up to 3 hours. We will also have 2 - 3 phone calls during the month after the process, where we can discuss your progress.
  • A process can last up to 3 hours. We will also have 2 - 3 phone calls during the month after the process, where we can discuss your progress.
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